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The twists and turns of launching Tango in Geelong.

Sometimes, the journey that a client and their consultants embark on to launch a new brand in the market is a bit like the ‘Snakes and Ladders’ board game.

A detailed project management piece of software can never capture all the twists and turns that happen before you get to market. And if your new brand happens to be in the Australian retail energy market, you can count on government regulation, governance and consumer protection guidelines to make sure your journey is methodical, exacting and detailed. As it should be. This is what our client, Pacific Hydro Retail has been experiencing in the last 18 months.

During that time, the team at Pacific Hydro Retail and KAYO have been patiently waiting for the time when the process we all went through some time ago, with its branding outcomes, could see the light of day. It does highlight though, the need for process and how, if you trust that process you can make sure the results are bang-on strategy.. And a strong, robust strategy should be flexible enough to take into account whatever ‘Snakes’ or ‘Ladders’ are thrown at you.

This is why, when late last month Tango Energy (formerly Pacific Hydro Retail) was launched into the retail market in regional Victoria, there was cause for some celebration. The team at Tango had been quietly going about their business getting the systems, customer service, and call centre operations all in place without any brand support or visibility.

Randall Brown, Tango Energy’s National Sales and Marketing Manager, recently commented that one of the significant successful outcomes of the first 4 weeks in the market has been the reaction from the Tango team. “They are delighted that, at last, we are out in the market and with a brand that really cuts through. Victoria is the toughest energy market in Australia and to stand out like we have, gives our team great support.”

For Pacific Hydro, KAYO implemented our ‘Communication Ready’ strategy process with deliberate and purposeful outcomes. But these outcomes can run the risk of being rendered impotent if you don’t follow through and meet head-on the challenge that exists in most industry segments.

It’s what we call the “conventional thinking disease”. Many companies, whether they be in banking, auto, confectionary, insurance or energy, all look, sound, speak and feel like they have come out of the same womb. And that’s not healthy. You end up having to rely on outspending your competitors just to stand out. For Pacific Hydro Retail, after we had settled on the new brand’s DNA we were able to develop the new brand with strong foundations and an agreed desire to be unconventional.

Tango Energy was born. Definitely not from the same womb.

The campaign included TV, Radio, Outdoor and Digital with a focus on the regional Victoria area. Some examples of our programmatic campaign are below.

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